The D.C.D.

From my understanding, “The D.C.D.” was a little booklet written by C.T. Studd (founder of WEC) in 1928 in response to criticism about the new “order.” A lot of religious people didn’t like the language used–“D.C.D.” stands for “Don’t Care a Damn”–to describe this new work of God among the Heart of Africa mission (which bacame WEC, Worldwide Evangelization Crusade, now known as “Worldwide Evangelization for Christ” or WEC International).

It seems that when it was written, WEC tried to bury it as quickly as they could. I think it’s time that the message in this little booklet was given once again.

As an American Christian, I despise the use of the “d” word in regular conversation. But I feel that the point that C.T. Studd is trying to get across to the Church warrants the use of the word. As you read the booklet, you’ll see what I mean.

I’ve broken up the booklet into the following links,
but the main D.C.D. portion is still 74K (16 pages on A4 paper).

The D.C.D. Prayer
Seven Reasons for Publishing this Booklet
The D.C.D.
The Law of the D.C.D.
“The D.C.D. Soldier” (137K picture)
“Faithful Unto Death” (105K picture)