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The Prayer of a D.C.D.

Lord Jesus, King of Calvary!
Conqueror of the grave!
Forgive me, cleanse me, save me, Lord!
Enrol me as Thy slave.

O Holy Ghost, inflame my heart,
      Then pierce and make it whole:
Crucify each base desire,
      And resurrect my soul.
  Had I the choice of life of death,
      I’d rather die than live;
How else can I reveal my love,
      I’ve buy my life to give.
Lord Jesus Christ, dwell in my heart,
      Yea, occupy the whole;
E’er since I knew Thy mighty love
      Fierce passion fills my soul.
  And yet I dread to die, for death
      Must part me from the Cross.
But there my heart is nailed to Thine;
      Such life is love, not loss.
Lord! Lover! Who didst die for me.
      I live when Then I see;
For Thee I die to all the world,
      Yet live triumphantly.
  Hence would I live eternally
      On earth, yet daily die:
For only daily death for Thee
      My soul can satisfy.
Lord, clothe me in Thy blood stained robe—
      Soft raiment I abhor:
Pain or death shall only make
       My passion rage the more.
  They one time called me H.A.M. . . .
      But now I’m D.C.D.,
Which means I’m dead to all the world,
      And only live to Thee.
I cannot live without Thee, Lord,
      In Thee I must abide;
How can I crucify my heard
      And dies a From every earthly tie;
And "C" means Christ, my King of Love,
      For Whom I’ll live and die.
Behold me prostrate at Thy feet!
      Lord, may I bear Thy name?
Then must Thou hide me in Thy heart
      Lest I should cause Thee shame.
  With Him I death and Hell defy,
      And fight to die and win,
To spread thro’ all the earth His Name,
      And dam the curse of sin.

Tune:"Jesus, Thine All-Victorious Love."

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