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This is a collection of books on prayer by people from different parts of the church, from Fundamental Baptists to Pentecostal, Calvinist to Arminian, and even a Roman Catholic. It is very probable that you will not agree with everything in these books. I don’t. That’s okay. I have learned something from each of these authors, and I’m sure you will too…if you give them a chance. There are so many good books on prayer. These are some of my favorites.

I read this book in the early 90s. A few years ago, I told my wife she ought to read it. It changed her prayer life.

This book and Finney’s Principles of Prayer really set the foundation of my prayer life. True prayer is getting what we ask for.

Principles of Prayer
Charles G. Finney

I first read this in 1986, and these principles are still a major part of my prayer life.

Answers to prayer

Answers to Prayer
Charles G. Finney

This is a companion volume to the Principles of Prayer.

This and Mighty Prevailing Prayer make the best encyclopedia on prayer that you can find. Read these two books to lay a firm foundation for your prayer life.

Destined for the Throne
Paul Billheimer

This book turns 50 in 2025. I just read it in 2022. This book should be read by every believer in celebration of its anniversary.

First published in the mid-80s, this book is still teaching people how to  pray for an hour using the Lord’s Prayer.

Another practical plan of prayer using the Lord’s Prayer.

And a third plan using the Lord’s Prayer.

Tabernacle Prayer
Audrey Church McIntyre

This plan of prayer uses the Tabernacle as a guide to help us enter the Holy of Holies.

A Practical Plan for Personal Prayer breaks the hour down into 12 5-minute segments

No Easy Road
Dick Eastman

Intercessory Worship
Dick Eastman

Love On Its Knees
Dick Eastman

The Jericho Hour
Dick Eastman

O. Hallesby

The Circle Maker
Mark Batterson

Pray Big
Will Davis Jr.

Intercessory Prayer
Dutch Sheets

Watchman Prayer
Dutch Sheets

Joy has been working with YWAM for over 50 years. This book is one of the foundational books on prayer for YWAM.

Joy Dawson’s son, former president of YWAM. This is one of the first books I read on spiritual warfare.

Transforming Prayer
Daniel Henderson

The Kneeling Christian
An Unknown Christian

All of Bounds in one book, or choose his individual books below.

A Treasury of Prayer
E.M. Bounds
compiled by Leonard Ravenhill

A condensed version of Bounds’ writings, selected by Leonard Ravenhill.

Pray in the Spirit
Arthur Wallis

God’s Chosen Fast
Arthur Wallis

Discovering How to Pray
Hope MacDonald

The Hidden Life of Prayer
David M’Intyre

Concerts of Prayer
David Bryant

How to Pray
R.A. Torrey

For the following two books, I must state that I do not agree with all of the authors’ theology. Mark Virkler can get a little too New Agey for me in his other teachings, and Brad Jersak does not believe in an eternal hell. But both of these books have helped me to hear God’s voice, and have helped me in counseling others. They are both well worth reading, but it may be a case of “take the good, leave the bad.”

(If you just read these books by these authors, you should have very little argument with them…unless you absolutely don’t believe that God speaks outside of Scripture today. Then there’s no point in you reading either of these.)

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