If you’ve never listened to Ray Comfort’s “Hell’s Best Kept Secret,” now is the time.
Don’t let anything stop you from listening to this very important message for the Church.

“Make it an object of constant study,
and of daily reflection and prayer,
to learn how to deal with sinners
so as to promote their conversion.”
Charles G. Finney

Be sure to also visit Ray’s website, where you can read extracts from his books, listen to his tapes, watch a couple of his videos, and read his tracts…which are some of the best in the world.

The first two articles are on the need of using the Law in evangelism before using Grace, written by Ray Comfort. The first article tells why we need to use the Law, the second article shows how to use it. Both are given here with permission of the author.

Is passing out tracts effective? Listen to this nine-minute message about the white-haired old man on Sydney Australia’s George Street.

Do you want to learn more about how to witness biblically and effectively? Then join the School of Biblical Evangelism.

Making Grace Amazing
by Ray Comfort
as appeared in Herald of His Coming, May 1994
used by permission of the author

Hell’s Best Kept Secret: Ten Steps to Conviction
by Ray Comfort
used by permission of the author

The Lost Agenda
by Ray Comfort
This book has been re-written and published as
How to Win Souls and Influence People

The Use of Tracts
by R.A. Torrey

The following are lectures taken from Charles G. Finney’s Revival Lectures showing how Christians are to witness to sinners:

Means to be Used With Sinners

To Win Souls Requires Wisdom

False Comfort for Sinners

Direction to Sinners

Or download the whole book in a zipped .txt file