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The Law of the D.C.D.

Now this is the Law of the D.C.D.--
If you would Christ's disciple be,
You must hate father, mother, wife,
Brethren, sisters, children, life;
Count gain and reputation loss,
The world and all its pleasures dross,
And not care a Damn nor a Twopenny-Toss
For aught but Christ and His Blood-stained Cross.

Thou D.C.D. I keep conscience clear!
Do no wrong; thus know no fear
Of men, or devils, of death or hell;
Death's the D.C.D.'s marriage-bell.
Hell-fire is far too cold for me:
I seek God's fire," says the D.C.D.
Almighty God's a Consuming Fire,
And Christ is coming in Flaming Fire"
So I must be--'tis my one desire--
Baptized with the Holy Ghost and Fire."

Stir into flame, ye D.C.D.'s,
You heart each day upon your knees!
Never go forth the Gospel to tell
Till you've seen and heard the damned in Hell,
Blaspheming, gnawing their tongues for pain,
In agony dying, yet living again.
And the million a week of living men
Rushing into the Devil's Den.

It was for the love of the lost that Christ
Gave up Heaven and sacrificed
His God and Father and glory, and came
To earth to save us: Bless His Name!
To teach the world the way to God,
To bear our sins, to kiss the rod,
To die on the Cross our souls to save.
JESUS! the Bravest of the Brave.

Go forth, ye D.C.D.'s! proclaim
The Gospel of God, the glorious Name
Of Jesus Christ, God's Holy Son,
The Saviour of men, the Only One,
Who being just and good and brave,
In agony died, His foes to save.
Go, D.C.D.! Live, fight, and die
For Christ, to save humanity:
This is the law of the battlefield--
Conquer! or return on your shield."

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