This area, as the title states, is to help Christians grow in their walk with the Lord. The first two documents were given to me years ago. I have no idea who the original authors are. If these are copyrighted, let me know, and I’ll remove them. 

The following was written and designed years ago before it was easy to print in booklet form. As I redesign the site, I realize that I need to go back and re-edit some of these older documents. 

This first booklet is to confirm that a person is a True Christian, and haven’t just “made a decision” or “said a prayer.”

“Are You a True Christian?” – letter-size, A4-size

(Note: This will print out in a book format. You’ll need to print odd pages (possibly in reverse order), then print the even pages on the back.)

Lord willing, I will be adding the following articles to this section:

The Use of Confession to Renew the Mind
How to Study Scripture
How to Pray