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Seven Reasons for Publishing This Booklet.

  1. It explains how D.C.D. came about and what it is, viz., supreme devotion to our Lord Jesus.

  2. It is only fair play that D.C.D. having got about we should be allowed to defend ourselves from the very vile insinuations and charges laid against us.

  3. D.C.D. is a Trumpet Blast to every Christian.

  4. D.C.D. is a parable, an illustration of what Christ demands of every one of His followers.

  5. D.C.D. is necessary because of the Namby-Pamby-Milk-Sop-Softie lives of so many who call themselves Christians, and whose caricature of Christ’s religion deters hundreds of thousands of embryo heroes from enlisting for Christ.

  6. We intend to be D.C.D.’s while we live on earth.

  7. This D.C.D. business is God’s test of us as to whether our trust is in men or in God; well, we refuse to look to men: we even say, "Cursed is he that trusteth in man," and "Blessed is he that trusteth in the Lord."

C.T. Studd

1st Edition published 1928

D.C.D. Intro   "The D.C.D."
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