God Sent Fire: A History of Christian Revival

“Oh, that You would rend the heavens and come down,
that the mountains would tremble before You!”
Isaiah 64:1

This was one of the first pages I ever designed. The idea for this page was to write up some articles about various Revivals and place them here for people to use for personal research and encouragement.

For some of the articles, I’ve link to other sites that have much more information than I could ever provide. I hope and pray that it blesses you.

Ever since Pentecost, God has ordained to send revivals to individuals, churches, communities, and nations. Unfortunately, most people today have no idea what a true revival is. The object of these pages is to be a reference center for God-sent revivals of the past and present in order to show what we may expect in the future. It is my prayer that if you have never known what a revival is, that through the reading of these pages and listening to these eyewitness accounts, God will birth in you a vision for revival in your life, church, community, and nation.

Be sure to check out “The Watchword: A Call to Watch and Pray for Revival.” You won’t regret it. The same goes for the Forerunner.

Table of Contents

What Is Revival?

The Great Awakening
The Second Great Awakening
Charles G. Finney
The Prayer Revival and the 1859 Worldwide Revival
The Welsh Revival of 1904
Revivals that sprang from the 1904 Welsh Revival:

  • In India
  • In China
  • In Korea
  • In Africa
  • In America

The Pentecostal Outpouring at Azusa Street
The Shantung Revival (by C.W. Culpepper)
The Congo Revival (by David Davies, recorded by me)
Asbury College, 1970 (on YouTube)

The Future Revival
How are we to get revival?
How to conduct prayer meetings for revival.
Do We Really Want Revival?

Don’t Market a Revival!

When God Stepped Down From Heaven

For those of you have studied revival, and have any corrections or additional information,
or if you would like to tell me what the Holy Spirit is doing in your community, write me at .