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Andrew Murray


His Healing Power
Lilian B. Yeomans, M.D.

His Healing Power and Christ the Healer lay a firm foundation for Healing in the Atonement.  Both are well worth reading.

Christ the Healer
F.F. Bosworth

Healing the Sick
T.L. Osborn

This is my favorite book on healing. I’ve been listening to the audiobook of this since the mid-80s, and never tire of it. Osborn teaches what Yeomans and Bosworth taught, but in much easier to read language.

How to Heal the Sick
Charles & Frances Hunter

Once you have a foundation of healing in the atonement, it’s time to put it into practice. This book will teach you how. (You can find the Hunters teaching this on YouTube.)

How to Receive and Maintain a Healing
Charles & Frances Hunter

Handbook for Healing
Charles & Frances Hunter

Faith That Prevails
Smith Wigglesworth

Ever Increasing Faith
Smith Wigglesworth

I’m sure you can find a cheaper version elsewhere, but it is worth getting.

Probably the best book about tongues, it’s free for Kindle.

Jesus, God’s Way of Healing Power to Promote Health
Wilford H. Reidt (John G. Lake’s son-in-law)

Out of print, but worth getting if you can find it.

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