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E.W. Kenyon is controversial because of some misinformation printed about him in books like A Different Gospel. These lies have been disproved in other books, such as Joe McIntyre’s E.W. Kenyon and His Message of Faith: The True Story (I’ve read this one) and Geir Lie’s E.W. Kenyon: Cult Founder or Evangelical Minister? (but not this one).

Before I knew that he was controversial, I’d already read a number of his books. Kenyon is one of those guys who takes deep theological teachings, and makes them simple, but so powerful that you have to stop and think about what you just read. His books have brought me to a new level of Christianity.

Saying that, there are still some things that he says that I completely disagree with…at least the way he says it. But overall, his message should be read by every Christian.

I’m linking to newer editions of the books. Some do not have Kindle versions, yet.
If you search for them on Amazon, most have older Kindle versions.

This is my favorite Kenyon book, especially its teachings on not living as mere men.

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