Charles G. Finney


Christian Growth


Andrew Murray


Charles G. Finney tops my list of Christian heroes. I first discovered him around 1985, and over the next few years, I couldn’t get enough of his writings. If you go to Amazon, you’ll find many versions of his writings…some versions better than others (you can also find nearly everything for free online). 

Finney was not only used in his own time, but his ministry has benefited many other ministries that have come since, including William and Catherine Booth’s (Salvation Army), Jonathan Goforth (Presbyterian missionary/revivalist in China), and Leonard Ravenhill.

This is for the scholar or person interested in a lot of the background of Finney’s ministry. It includes enough notes to make another book. 

This is the same restored text, but without the footnotes. (I was fortunate to find this in a Beijing bookstore for $5 many years ago.)

This is the original text of the Memoirs, before the restored text was published. This is the version that I’ve read multiple times.

This is the condensed version of the original text. It contains all of the meat of the Memoirs, and is great for those who need a good introduction to Finney.

One of the best books on revival and evangelism that you can read. Every minister should read this book.

This version has updated English, but stays true to the original.

Principles of Faith

Taken from the Revival Lectures, this book helped change my prayer life.

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