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Andrew Murray


I first read started reading Charles Finney around 1986, and saw that his method of preaching the Gospel was very different than the modern method. Then in 1989 I found Hell’s Best Kept Secret in my favorite bookstore, and my evangelistic life was changed. I believe everyone interested in the salvation of souls should read Ray Comfort’s books. HBSK should be a must read. There are other methods of evangelism, but we must implement the use of the Law to convict people of their sins.

One thing we must remember about evangelism is that Jesus told us to “go and make disciples of all nations” not “converts.” Evangelism is just the first step (well, the second step…prayer should be the first step). Our goal is to make disciples, and that’s where the section on Church Planting comes in.

No matter what method you use for evangelism, don’t forget to use the KEY of the Law to work with the conscience and the Holy Spirit to bring conviction of sin…and make grace amazing! MUST READ!

I consider this Hell’s Best Kept Secret II. It’s gives a refined method of sharing your faith, building on HBKS. But I still recommend you read HBKS first.

You’ve got a plan, but still too nervous to share the Gospel? This book will help give you boldness.

Want to become even more effective in sharing your faith? It’s time to go to school with these 101 lessons.

The Evidence Bible
Commentary by Ray Comfort

Ray shares his many notes and thoughts on evangelism in this study Bible. Read and grow.

Finney has a lot of practical advice regarding evangelism.

Principles of Revival
Charles G. Finney

Principles of Salvation
Charles G. Finney

T.L. Osborn

T.L. Osborn had a legitimate passion for souls. Read this to be encouraged in witnessing “out where the people are.”

Evangelism by Fire
Reinhard Bonnke

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