This is a little questionaire that helps reveal the sin in your life so that you may see it, confess it, and repent of it. One of the most wonderful truths of the Christian life is the fact that we are able to receive God's forgiveness. Why don't you print this out, then take the time to go through this on your knees before God?

List your PRIORITIES in the order of IMPORTANCE in your life:


Look at your list. WHO or WHAT occupies FIRST PLACE?


Where does GOD fit in?


NOTE: Answer Yes (Y) or No (N) to ALL the following questions. Do it thoughtfully and honestly.

Is your body God's Temple?_____ Does He REALLY dwell inside of you?_____ Are you taking care of your body?_____ Do you REALLY eat nutritiously?_____ Do you keep your appetite under control?_____ Do you put yourself under stress that is not of God?_____ Do you REALLY cast all your cares upon HIM?_____ Are you getting enough rest and exercise?_____ Do you dress in a manner that glorifies God?_____ Are you clothes designed to make you look sensual?_____ Have you used, or do you use, any member of your body in any immoral way?_____ Adultery can take place in your mind. Are you guilty?_____ Do you flirt with the opposite sex?_____ Do you share thoughts that you shouldn't share?_____ Do you watch ungodly movies?_____ Do you watch ungodly TV shows?_____ Do you watch SOAP OPERAS?_____ Do you look at ungodly books or magazines, such as pornography?_____ Do you indulge in practices that are NOT pure?_____ Are you guilty of ANY sexual conduct, outside of marriage, that is NOT pleasing or glorifying to God?_____ Are you living a stressful, over-committed life?_____ Over-committed to career?_____ Clubs?_____ Sports?_____ College/education?_____ Hobbies?_____ Organizations?_____ Church/your ministry?_____ Are you so busy that you DO NOT have time to meet God for daily quiet times?_____ To worship?_____ To pray?_____ For Bible study?_____ For witnessing?_____ Do you REALLY desire to KNOW GOD?_____ Is the Word of God transforming you daily?_____ Are ALL your thoughts kept in obedience to Christ?_____ Are there things in your life that keep you from having fellowship with God?_____ Are you robbing God, by NOT tithing your TIME?_____ TALENTS?_____ MONEY?_____ Do you share what you have with others?_____ Are you grateful for what you have?_____ Do you thank the Lord daily for all He has done for you?_____ Are you a good steward of all that God has given you?_____ Are you PAINFULLY SELFISH?_____ Have you REALLY died to self?_____ Have you denied yourself, taken up the cross, and followed Jesus?_____ Do you follow Jesus when it COST you?_____ When it is not CONVENIENT?_____ When it causes you PAIN?_____ Are you HONESTLY following Jesus right now?_____ Is Jesus controlling your life?_____ Have you heard a CLEAR, FULL presentation of the Gospel?_____ Have you REALLY believed and accepted Jesus into your heart?_____ Do you believe Jesus has all RIGHTS over your believe Jesus has all RIGHTS over your life?_____ Does your life reflect that He is RIGHTFUL CONTROLLER?_____ Have you acknowledged Jesus as God?_____ Do you know FOR SURE that you have Eternal Life?_____ Are you DAILY sharing the Gospel with others?_____ Do you love others like Christ loves you?_____ Are there people of any other race that you refuse to love?_____ Do you REALLY love your enemies?_____ Do you know anyone who has something against you?_____ Have you sought reconciliation with them?_____ Is there ANYONE you love or desire more than God, His Son, or His Spirit?_____ Do you put others BEFORE yourself?_____ Have you forgiven those who have hurt you, or done you wrong in some way?_____ Do you have a submissive spirit toward obedience?_____ Do you have a rebellious attitude toward obedience?_____ Do you gossip about others?_____ Do you say mean to evil things about other Christians?_____ Do you pass on PRAYER REQUESTS for the sake of exposing or discussing another's faults, failures, or sins?_____ Do you use humor to hide your sarcastic words?_____ Do you make evaluations prematurely, or presumptuously?_____ Are you more concerned with your own personal interests, than the interests of others?_____ Can you sin, and get away with it, without conviction?_____ Do you criticize God's servants, rather than pray for them?_____ Do you faithfully assemble "yourselves" together for prayer and fellowship?_____ Do you obey authority, and the leaders over you?_____ Do you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambitions in your heart?_____ Do you lie?_____ Do you steal?_____ Do you take things from work that are not yours like pens, legal pad or paper clips, etc.?_____ Do you work as you should, doing your job as unto the Lord?_____ Have you incurred any debts that you are unable to pay when they are due?_____ Are you in debt because of indulging the desires of your flesh, the lust of your eyes, or the pride of life?_____ Is your life characterized by murmurings and complaining when things disappoint you?_____ Have you been honest in paying your taxes?_____ Do you obey the laws of the land?_____ Do you drive the speed limit?_____ Are you in a position of authority?_____ Do you handle this position of authority like Christ would handle it?_____ Are you SELF-CENTERED?_____ Is SELF number one usually?_____ Do you have your way just to prove your point, or to establish your authority?_____ Do you seek to draw attention to yourself?_____ Do you have to have recognition for the things you do?_____ Do you want Jesus to INCREASE and yourself to DECREASE?_____ Do you want Jesus to DECREASE and to have self INCREASE?_____ Do you think more highly of yourself than you should?_____ Are you prideful?_____ Do you make sure others know of your accomplishments, related to your service for the Lord?_____ Are most of your statements about "I"?_____ Do you speak of yourself more than Jesus?_____ Are you a respector of persons?_____ Do you show partiality?_____ Do you desire more than it is God's will for you to have?_____ AAre you guilty of materialism?_____ Sensualism?_____ Do you try to inflate your own reputation, or to show superiority or importance in anyway, even in spiritual things?_____ Have you let the world squeeze you into its mold?_____ Is your behavior and your value system determined by the world?_____ By God's Word?_____ Can people see a difference in the way you live and in the way the world lives?_____ Do you suppress God's holiness and His righteousness, by your unrighteous life-style?_____ Do you participate in ANY occultic activities like horoscopes, palmisty, psychic-hotlines, etc.?_____ Are you "salty"?_____ Do you cause others to thirst after the Living Water?_____ Do you walk by FAITH?_____ By Sight?_____ Do you REALLY live by God's promises?_____ Do you trust in the Spirit, God's Word, and His power to make you godly?_____ Are you spending time on a regular basis renewing your mind through God's Word?_____ Is Jesus REALLY LORD of your life?_____ Do you REALLY seek the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, first in all you say and do?_____ Have you committed abortion?_____ Are you betraying a friend?_____ Is your heart full of bitterness?_____ Do you take bribes?_____ Are you breaking a promise?_____ Do you use profanity?_____ Are you double-tongued?_____ Do you drink alcohol?_____ Do you smoke?_____ Do drugs?_____ Are you envious?_____ Are you a glutton?_____ Do you have any graven images?_____ Are you a greedy person?_____ Are you hardhearted?_____ Do you have hate in your heart toward someone?_____ Are you a homosexual?_____ Are you practicing immorality?_____ Are you impatient?_____ Are you jealous?_____ Do you love money?_____ Do you lust?_____ Are you a pleasure seeker?_____ Are you harboring resentments?_____ Do you cause strife in the family of God?_____ Are you stubborn?_____ Are you a troublemaker?_____ Are you unforgiving?_____ Are you attending wild parties?_____ Are you listening to FALSE doctrines?_____ Are you running from God's will?_____ Have you "sold-out" to God?_____ Are you winning souls to Jesus?_____ Do you REALLY love Jesus?_____

NOTE: Let the Holy Spirit point out all the sins in your life, then confess and repent of each one. Then list the three most difficult ones, and in confidence, share and pray for God to bring victory in your life with a trustworthy Christian:



NOTE: Claim the promise of 1 John 1:9 daily.

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